Press Releases

21 May 2015

Goldin Properties and Goldin Financial Media Statement

(Hong Kong, 21 May 2015) —— Goldin Properties Holdings Limited (“Goldin Properties”, HKEx stock code: 00283) and Goldin Financial Holdings Limited (“Goldin Financial”, HKEx stock code: 00530) (together as “Goldin Group”) would like to make the following statements regarding certain media inquiries about the share price movements of Goldin Properties and Goldin Financial this morning:

1. The boards of the two companies under the Goldin Group confirm that they are not aware of any reasons for the movements in the prices and trading volume of the two companies’ shares.

2. The Goldin Group’s businesses and operations are functioning normally. The Goldin Group has a healthy financial position, with its capital and finance in normal conditions.

3. Chairman Pan Sutong is confident about the future developments of the two listed companies. The entire management will continue to enhance the enterprise value and aim to create returns to the shareholders.

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