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7 Mar 2016


We, Goldin Real Estate Financial Holdings Limited 高銀金融地產控股有限公司 (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries collectively “the Group 高銀集團”), have become aware of a video posted on YouTube namely 高銀集團發佈會 second CUT (the “Video”). In the Video, the presenter purported to claim that 高銀集團 is the majority shareholder of A Pacific Consulting and Investment Limited (“ACPI”), is involved in an investment migration service and a real estate development project in Saipan Island; and the Company’s logo and the wordings “高銀 集團 GoldIn Group” are displayed at the end of the Video. The Company’s logo, “高銀” and “GOLDIN” are owned by the Company and are Hong Kong Registered Trademarks Nos. 301226637, 301226628 and 301226646 respectively.

The Company is deeply concerned about the content of the Video, and hereby solemnly declares that the Group, including its Hong Kong listed subsidiaries “Goldin Properties Holdings Limited 高銀地產控股 有限公司” (HKEx stock code: 283) and “Goldin Financial Holdings Limited 高銀金融(集團)有限公司” (HKEx stock code: 530), has no connection whatsoever with the operations and activities taken or to be taken by any person or entity referred to or in connection with 高銀創富控股有限公司, 高銀創富(香港) 有限公司 and ACPI. Investors and the public are hereby advised not to confuse the Company and the Group with 高銀創富控股有限公司, 高銀創富(香港)有限公司 and ACPI.

We also declare that the Group is not involved in any investment migration service nor any real estate development project in Saipan Island as claimed by the presenter in the Video. We must stress that no authorization, consent or approval has been given to 高銀創富控股有限公司, 高銀創富(香港)有限公司 and ACPI to engage in the said investment migration service nor the real estate development project in Saipan Island for and on behalf of any company within the Group.

The Company hereby reserves all rights to pursue legal action against any party for infringement of the Company’s legal rights, including but not limited to the impersonation of corporate entities and/or infringement of trademarks of any company within the Group.

We have also reported the Video to the Hong Kong Police, and will report any related suspicious, dishonest, misleading or fraudulent act.

Should you have any enquiries regarding this declaration, please email us at

Hong Kong, 7 March 2016
Goldin Real Estate Financial Holdings Limited

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