Investor Relations

Investor FAQ

1. What are Goldin Financial’s main strengths?

  • Experienced management team with extensive industry experience
  • Valuable properties in prime locations in Hong Kong
  • Vertically integrated business model for wine segment
  • Focus development in factoring business in electronic industry
2. What are Goldin Financial’s major businesses?

Goldin Financial is a diversified enterprise with core businesses including the provision of factoring services, financial investment, winery and wine related business, property development and investment and operation of restaurants.

3. What is factoring business?

According to “Factors Chain International”, factoring is defined as:
“A complete financial package that combines working capital financing, credit risk protection, accounts receivable book-keeping and collection services. It is offered under an agreement between the so-called ‘factor’ and a seller. Under this agreement the factor buys the seller’s accounts receivable and takes on responsibility for the buyer’s ability to pay. If the buyer is unable to pay, the factor will pay the seller.”

4. How many employees does Goldin Financial have?

The Group has about 306 employees up to 30 June 2019.

6. When does the fiscal year end?

The fiscal year ends on 30 June.

7. When will the annual general meeting be held?

The annual general meeting is usually held in November.

8. Whom should I contact for questions related to finance and stocks?

Investors are welcome to contact the Corporate Development Department at for any matters related to the Group’s finance or stock.

9. Who is the current major shareholder for Goldin Financial?

Mr. Pan Sutong, the Chairman and Executive Director of the Group, held a total of approximately 70.8% of issued shares as of July 2019.