Businesses Worldwide

Businesses Worldwide


Goldin Financial’s factoring arm was established in 2009 in response to the need of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to improve on their cash flow positions by obtaining alternative sources of funding. With offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and the US, we offer diversified and responsive factoring services to SMEs, assisting them to pursue opportunities well ahead of traditional companies.

Our factoring service includes working capital funding, credit risk protection, accounts receivable management and payment collection services. Put simply, factoring is the sale of accounts receivable (invoices) by a business to a third party (factor) in order to obtain funding in advance, and to consolidate uncollected accounts receivable into cash. It not only offers protection to the enterprises by funding a flexible and efficient source of working capital, but also minimises the risks of bad debts, making it the best way to secure a source of funding in times of business growth.

Being one of the pioneers in the commercial factoring market, we are in a good position to seize increasing business opportunities through possible new ventures and alliances with other commercial factors and financial institutions, and to diversify into new products and services.

Goldin Financial’s factoring arm is also a member of Factors Chain International (“FCI”), which is a business network that facilitates and promotes export-import Factoring activities between members through the two-factor-system. This network ensures members in meeting high quality standards in terms of respect of business rules (GRIF) and communication tools (EDIFACTORING) as well as in terms of financial stability and compliance. In 2016 the activities of International Factors Group were integrated into FCI, with 400+ members spanning across 90+ countries combined, making it one of the largest associations globally in facilitating and promoting Factoring and Receivable Finance.